I have been told by thoughtful men / To meditate the moving face / Of nature, and with care to trace / The lineaments of now and then.

A Farmer Meditates

Ghargozolou Van Ginnekin / Has expertise in tissue cells, / And sports among the cilia / With easy diligence. / He knows as well as Bouligard / Or Blau / The ways of mitochondria.

Plato in Ohio

Fire at the edge of the primordium / Dragged through the vast receptacle towards life, / Equivalent but not the same from birth / As those ideal, unchangeable clear forms.

Beginning a blog

How did he get the nerve to blog? Is he going to tell us that Trump is a menace?  No.  Is he going to talk about Brexit or Russia?  No. Is going to tell us how to exercise or diet? Surely not. Is he going to tell us how to live?  Possibly.  He is I […]